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How Can I take control?

Many times in life, we feel like we are on unsteady waters. We feel like we are tossed around in an ocean of negative feelings. The beauty of Stoic practice is that it equips us with tools to anchor our emotions while the waves crash around us. As your coach, I will provide you with mental training practices to help strengthen your ability to handle life's problems with objectivity and calmness. All coaching plans are personalized for your individual needs for each session.

"Be like the rock that the waves keep crashing over. It stands unmoved and the raging of the sea falls still around it." 

- Marcus Aurelius

For training, I offer seven different services: 

Resilience: How to prepare your mind for troubling emotions in the future 

Habit Breaking: How to decrease or eliminate problematic habits 

Interpersonal Training: How to deal with others around you

Life Planning: How to take the steps necessary to achieve your goal

Self-Love: How to admire your own unique character

Confidence: Use Stoicism to boost confidence and self-esteem

JournalingEnrich your life with the journaling methods of the Stoics

What's Included in Each 45-Minute Session?

  • A summary of your personalized training of the previous week

  • Learning a new Stoic technique to apply to your daily life

  • A new customized training for you to practice

  • Real time feedback from the coach

  • Recommended readings of where the Stoics write about the new technique

  • Daily access to communicate with the coach 

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