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With regard to everything that happens to you, remember to look inside yourself and see what capacity you have to enable you to deal with it.

- Epictetus

Meet the Coach: Bob Cymber

For me, ​I was having trouble with my mental health. I felt overwhelmed easily and experienced the pressure of trying to balance work on one hand and mental health on the other. When I discovered Stoicism during my undergrad, I learned many practical mindsets and mental training exercises that helped me develop tools for dealing with and reducing stress. That was eight years ago, and I've practiced ever since.

As your coach, I bring the expertise of a professional Stoic practitioner as well as the knowledge of how the brain learns new information. With eight years of daily Stoic practice, I am a true testament of its success. It is my passion to arm people with the mental techniques to live a full and calm life!

I have had the pleasure of interviewing well-known Stoic writers such as Donald Robertson and Massimo Pigliucci. I have also presented at universities over Stoic psychological techniques.

B.A. Philosophy
M.A.T. (Master of arts in teaching)



95% percent of my clients sign up for a second program

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